Nutrafoods 3 – 2013


    Enzyme production


    Natural antioxidants

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Editorial  Do antioxidants really help? The endless debate


  • Apple biophenol synergistic complex and its potential benefits for cardiovascular health

Original Research

  • Maternal nutritional status and the risk of birth defects among Saudi women
  • Bioprospecting of soybean for production of nattokinase
  • Antioxidants in combination with omega-3 fatty acids protect rat neonatal cardiomyocytes against H2O2 induced oxidative stress


  • The European Union (EU) food safety system: Principles, procedures, organization and scientific basis

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Nutrafoods 3 – 2013

    Enzyme production


    Natural antioxidants

Figura 1

Ocimum centraliafricanum, Copper flower, indicatore di giacimenti di rame (5)