Physicochemical and functional properties of wheat and rice flour blends and physical and sensory analysis of cakes


COD: NF-017-1011-1 Categoria:

DOI 10.17470/NF-017-1011-1

Umera Baba, FA Masoodi, Adil Gani, Tanzila Hamid, Mudasir Ahmad, Sumera Baba

Rice flour was incorporated into wheat flour at different percentages (2%, 4%, 6% and 8%) and its effects on the functional properties of the flour and the physical and sensory attributes of cakes made from the flour were studied. Significant effects were seen on functional parameters such as the water absorption capacity, oil absorption capacity, emulsion capacity, emulsion stability, foaming capacity and foaming stability of the flour blends. The symmetry index of the cakes decreased after 6% substitution. However, the volume index, uniformity index and hardness of cakes decreased significantly as the level of substitution with rice flour increased. The L*, a* and b* values of cakes also increased after 6% substitution with rice flour. Organoleptic evaluation revealed that cakes prepared from the blend with 8% substitution scored highest, followed by blends with 6%, 4% and 2% substitution, respectively.