Dynamic role of natural antioxidant sources on different parameters of bread quality: a review


COD: NF3-2016-Chakraborty Categoria:

DOI 10.17470/NF-016-1037-3

Debasmita Pathak, Jayshree Majumdar, Utpal Raychaudhuri, Runu Chakraborty

Improved understanding of the relationship between the consumption of antioxidant-rich food and human health has resulted in the supplementation of food products with natural antioxidants. Enrichment of a staple food such as bread with natural antioxidants can provide additional health benefits. Sources of natural antioxidants include cereals, seeds, spices, herbs, green plants, fruit, vegetables and the less expensive and easily available waste products from the food industry. However, there are technological constraints to the fortification of bread, while sensory and physical properties are important for overall consumer acceptability. Synthetic antioxidants can have serious adverse effects on health, and their substitution with natural antioxidants enhances the therapeutic and functional properties of bread and has the added advantage of increasing shelf-life. This review discusses the antioxidant activity and scavenging properties of various types of breads enriched with natural antioxidants from natural sources and the associated health benefits and sensory attributes of these breads.