The FISSIN Lisbon is a unique and innovative event in Portugal, entirely devoted to the sector of dietary supplements, functional ingredients, nutraceuticals and functional, fortified and dietetic foods.

FISSIN Exhibition aims to provide a convergence point to the main market players, gathering producers, distribution and commercialization companies, business associations, research, development and innovation centers, working as a privileged platform for synergies, networking and business, in a competitive, rapidly growing market.
Research, Development and Innovation have a special place in the event.

● The “R&D+i Space” is an exhibition space allocated to prestigious research centers from universities and from other higher education institutions. It is an exclusive opportunity to know the ongoing researches in cutting-edge themes, in accordance with the most recent international guidelines, as well as the scientific know-how that research centers may offer to the food and pharmaceutical industries.

● The “Factory Space” is an open space destined to technical and scientific presentations, demonstrations and the launch of new products.

The Exhibition has free entry. In a relaxed environment, with diverse parallel activities, visitors have the opportunity to know the trends of the market and innovative products, to establish contact with producers and distribution companies, to find new business opportunities and contact with experts.

In the Congress (SIN – Supplements, functional Ingredients and Nutraceuticals), simultaneously with the Exhibition, prestigious international researchers and experts present the most recent researches and findings in functional ingredients, functional bioactive compounds, functional foods, dietary supplements and nutraceuticals, as well as the new trends in healthy, sustainable foods.

The LXFACTORY pavillion hosts FISSIN. Located in Alcântara, LXFACTORY is one of the most emblematic sites in Lisbon, a trendy meeting point for the local population and visited by thousands of tourists. The wide pavilion (2000m2) is a singular, original space, which frequently hosts other large, successful events, in symbiosis with the socio-cultural richness of the surroundings.

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